Require Credit Card to Book

If you require that clients provide a credit card to complete a booking, you can choose that option in the Fee Section of the related Service in Settings > Services.




Client Booking Calendar

This option will force the client to provide a valid credit card when booking online. If the client already has a credit card on file, they will be allowed to complete their booking and the card on file will be linked to that appointment.


A notice advising the need for a credit card on file will be displayed in the client booking process.






Admin Booking Calendar

When booking from the admin calendar, if the service requires a credit card, an indicator will be displayed just below the service name. If the client doesn’t already have a card on file, you will be directed to the client profile to add a card after saving the booking.



Client Credit Cards on File

If a credit card is linked to a booking, a note will be displayed with the credit card in the client’s profile in your Client list.



A similar warning will be displayed in the client’s online account and they will not be able to delete the card, only update the details if necessary.





Packages Consideration

If the client has a pre-paid package that includes the selected service and the client chooses to use a session for that package, a credit card will no longer be required.


The same logic applies when booking from the admin calendar.


Linked Clients

If a client is booking on behalf of another Linked Client, the client who is doing the booking will be required to provide a credit card. That credit card will be linked to the client associated with the appointment.


Are funds held for the booking when a card is required?

No, payment processors can only apply holds on funds for up to 7 days. Since most bookings are beyond the 7 day limit, it is impractical to apply any holds on a client’s card.


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