Reports Overview

Information is power, and our extensive library of financial and statistical reports provides all the insights you need. With 30 reports and counting, you have the ability to dig deep into many aspects of your business’ wellbeing. Below are some of the essential reports that will provide you with key details. 

To access reports, go to “Reports” in the main menu, then select the appropriate folder in the left panel to expand the list of available reports. Owners or Administrators have full access to all reports. Those with Service Provider or Receptionist permission have a limited set of reports in their respective folders.

Most reports have options to structure the data including, date range, sorting, sub-totals, payment type etc. We suggest taking the time to explore the options in any of the reports you generate. You may stumble on that perfect report.

Financial Reports

  • Revenue Summary by invoice – Overall business revenue based on the invoice information.
  • Revenue Summary by Payment – Overall business revenue based on the payment information.
  • Sales Report – Appointment Summary – Main service appointment financial report including date range filter, sub-total options, payments and notes.
  • Sales Report – Account Receivable and Credits – List of clients and invoices with an outstanding balance or credit owing.
  • Sales Report – Package Sales – Revenue related to Packages exclusively.
  • Sales Report – Product – Revenue related to Product sales exclusively.
  • Client Spend – Identify your top 10 – 500 top spending clients.

Tip – Many of the financial reports are delayed by approximately 30 minutes. This means if you make a change to an invoice for example, that change won’t be reflected in the reports for up to 30 minutes.

Statistical & Other

  • Client Last Visit Report – List of clients who have not visited in X months.
  • Client Recent Visit Report – List of clients who have visited within X months
  • Service Hours by Service / Service Provider – A count of the number of hours each Service or Service Provider is booked in a period.


  • Email Notice Logs – A list of client emails that have either bounced or the client marked an appointment email as spam. Great report to identify communication gaps with clients.

Exporting Reports

Depending in your intended use for the data, you can choose to export the report data in three formats:

  • PDF – Great option if you simply want a copy for your records or to share with a bookkeeper or accountant.
  • CSV – Best option if you want to manipulate the date in some way, such as removing unwanted columns of data, or performing additional analysis using formulas.
  • Excel (XLSX) – Good option to view the data as an editable spreadsheet, though is not ideal for deleting columns of data because of the formatting, including merged cells.

Pro Tip! If you generate several versions of the same report with different options, such as a single report per payment type or by specific Service Provider, this will save you time and clicks. Rather than exiting the generated report to adjust the report options, simply select the double check boxes icon in the upper left to open the options while staying within the report screen. Adjust the options, then OK.

Reports Overview Video