Bulk Appointment Cancellation & Email Template

There are times when you may need to make major scheduling changes. Canceling appointments one by one is the last thing you want to be doing so we make it easy to bulk cancel appointments for each Service Provider.

The following guide will walk you through:

  • Editing the Cancellation email template
  • Editing Service Provider schedules to bulk cancel appointments

Edit Email Template

You will first want to edit the email template that is sent when you bulk cancel appointments. *Note: you must have Owner or Administrator permission to edit email templates.

To get started go to Settings > Notifications then Email Templates.

The template is under the Miscellaneous Email Templates section, titled “Appointment Canceled by Company“, unless the subject/title was previously edited.

From the Edit screen you can modify the wording to suite your needs. Don’t forget to save the changes.

Bulk Cancel Appointments

To bulk cancel future appointments you will need to edit each Service Provider’s schedule from Settings > Service Providers.

From the Schedules section, edit the schedule(s) that cover the timeframe you want to adjust.

Then uncheck all days to close out the schedule for that period.

When you Save the schedule, any bookings within the schedule timeframe will be displayed in the Conflict window.

Here you can choose to Cancel All Appointments. Choosing this will automatically cancel all the bookings and send the Appointment Cancelled by Company email to all those clients.

*Note: If you’re looking to cancel appointments for a specific period versus all future appointments, you should Create a New Schedule that covers the specific period with no open days. This schedule will override any base schedule that has no end date or a longer schedule it overlaps. If you have shorter schedules, you should delete any that fall within the New Schedule dates in order for the new schedule to apply. Always contact us if you’re unsure how to manage more complex schedules.



If you need to view a report of Canceled appointments, you can go to the Reports tab and choose the “Sales Report – Appointment Summary“.

From the report options you can set the date range, filter by specific Service Provider and set the Appt Status to “Canceled Appointments“.