Custom Data Fields

Each client record has a basic set of profile data, Name, Address, Phone, Birthdate etc., that can be collected through the client-side appointment booking form, Intake Forms or in person by staff when creating a new client profile.

Some businesses need a way to collect other specific data about their clients such as Emergency Contact, Room Number, Marketing Email Preferences and Pronoun, to name a few, that is easily accessible from the client profile. Custom Data Fields are just the answer.

To create a Custom Data Field, go to Settings > Custom Data Fields.

Menu to create custom data fields

In the Custom Data Fields list page, choose “Create New Field”.

  • Start by naming the field. This is the label that will appear throughout any forms.
  • You can add an optional description if there’s a possibility for confusion as to what the data relates to. If a description is added, an information icon will appear beside the label that can be expanded to reveal the description text.
  • You can then choose from a variety of data input field types:
    • Text Field
    • Check Box
    • Dropdown
    • Multi Select
  • Save your new data field.
video - create custom fields

If you have multiple Custom Data fields, they can be ordered from the list page by dragging and dropping.

drag and drop to order fields

Once you have created and ordered the fields, they will now be displayed in the Client Profile when accessed from the “Clients” list page or the Appointment details screen.  When a client completes these data fields, the information is then stored as part of the client profile record and will display at the bottom of the list, just below the client notes.

video - custom data fields access

You can also choose these fields as an Optional or Mandatory Booking Field for clients to fill out when booking an appointment or include them in any Intake Form template. Note: You MUST set these fields as Optional or Mandatory under the “Booking Fields Completed by Business” in order for the data fields to appear in the client profiles. By choosing “Not Display” the field will not display in any the business side screens.

Custom data booking fields