Moving from Jane to Click4Time? Here’s what you need to know.

We’ve successfully migrated patient demographics from this platform. Note: we MAY be able to import appointment data as well, but we will need to discuss your specific needs to determine if that will be possible.

Exporting your Patient List from Jane

A Patient List can be exported from the Reports tab. The report can be filtered by practitioner to limit the export to just the clients seen by a specific practitioner.

Next click the Export button to create an excel file. Save this file, which you will submit to Click4Time for importing.

Note: The excel file contains more fields than necessary. Jane will export every field from the patient profile which includes several fields that will not be imported to Click4Time. Our import team will clean up your data in preparation for the import.

Jane Billing Information
We do not import billing information as there are formatting issues between the two systems, but we can show you how to manually transition your clinic’s billing to Click4Time.

Exporting Appointments
From the Reports area you can export a list of Appointments . The appointments can be filtered to a single practitioner and date range. Note: We recommend exporting this data regardless of whether it can be imported to Click4Time or not. You may want to refer back to this information in the future should a client or other entity request the data.

Importing data to Click4Time
To have your client data imported into your Click4Time account, you will need to schedule a request by contacting us here. We will work with you to ensure a smooth transition and verify the import once complete.

If you need any further help with Click4Time, please don’t hesitate to connect with us!