Changing Your Service Fees

Updating the fees for your services is inevitable. As soon as you know you’re moving ahead with a fee change, you should setup a Future Fee for each of your affected services. When you set up a future fee, any appointments booked for a date beyond the start date of the fee change, will automatically apply the new fee to the booking and the associated invoice. In the client booking calendar, a warning is displayed to advise of the change in fee.

To setup a Future Fee, edit the service from Settings > Services.  Go to the “Fee” section, then the “Future Fee” tab.

  1. Set the date the future fee should start. If it’s a short-term fee adjustment, you can also set an end date. After the end date the fee will revert to the original fee or set a new fee to start the following day.
  2. Set the new fee
  3. Click “Add Fee”
  4. Then “Apply Changes”