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Client Account Activation Email

When you add a new client from an appointment or the Clients list, we will check the Email address to see if it has been attached to an online profile. If the email is not already registered, we will display an option to send an account activation email. When the client activates their account, they can then manage their own appointments through their online profile.

We recommend sending an account activation email to reduce the number of possible duplicate client profiles. To review and merge duplicate client profiles, go to the Clients > Possible Duplicates page. Intake Form Digital Signature

You can now capture a client’s signature for the Consents and Waivers policies in your digital forms.

To require a signature, go to the “Approvals” section of any of your Intake Form templates (Settings > Intake Forms > Templates).

Below the Policy Name, check the “Require Signature” option.

When completing the form, the client can either sign their name with a touchpad, mouse or by typing their name.

Suppression of Cancelled Appointment Email – Audit Trail

When you cancel an appointment from your admin calendar, if you choose to suppress the cancellation email, an entry is added to the appointment & invoice Audit Trail. The Audit Trial in a great tool for looking in to the past. Retired iOS and Android Appointment Booking App

Just over a year ago we launched a major update to the company calendar. This update enabled the calendar to be fully responsive, meaning it would adjust and resize as needed depending on screen size.

The iOS and Android Appointment Booking App was always intended as a temporary bridge until we moved to a responsive calendar. With the web calendar being updated, we no longer support the dedicated mobile booking app. These dedicated apps have become costly and increasingly challenging to maintain. We believe our clients would be better served by focusing resources on overall product enhancements.

If you are still using the iOS or Android Appointment Booking App, we recommend you transition to accessing and managing your appointments from a web browser on your mobile device. Since we are constantly making updates and changes to the system, the apps have become unreliable.

To access the calendar on your mobile device, simply use your preferred

browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari) and go to and log in. From the Company Dashboard page, tap the main menu in the upper right corner (3 horizontal bars) to access the Calendar and other pages. When viewing an appointment, you can access additional sections by tapping the menu (3 lines) to the right of the client’s name.

To setup a shortcut to your Click4Time calendar on your mobile device, similar to an app icon on your home screen, follow these instructions:

From your preferred browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari) go to the calendar. Chrome Firefox

Safari If you have any questions we would love to hear from you.

Email North America 1-877-425-4254 Ext 1 International 1-604-210-1039 Ext 1

We’re here to help you succeed !! Your Click4Time Team