Who is Click4Time ?

Our dedicated team takes pride in serving businesses like yours. We have equipped tens of thousands of service providers with appointment management and business building tools for over 10 years. Located in Vancouver B.C. and with staff around the globe, everyone at Click4Time shares a passion to make the online booking experience as simple and enjoyable as possible for all concerned. We also live and breathe Internet marketing and love to help people grow their business. It’s wonderful to see businesses grow and to have clients say, “We couldn’t have done this without you.  Thank you.”. Compliments like that are the best reward of all.

How can Click4Time appointment scheduling software help my business?

Click4Time’s simple to use online booking solution opens your available times to the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You won’t miss a customer’s request for an appointment if you let them make bookings anytime, including when you are busy or after your business hours. More than 60% of those who book online, do so after business hours, including 20% who book after midnight. That is an amazing consideration for a successful business and customer satisfaction.

More importantly, our system will help you grow your business in a number of ways. For example, our online booking engine, built in Internet marketing, loyalty programs, business & agent referral networks.

Appointment Scheduling About Us
client appointment booking system

What type of business can benefit from using Click4Time’s booking solution?

Business defined labels and fields, as well as integrated marketing features mean that virtually any business that requires booking of appointments for services, space or equipment, can benefit.

Why use Click4Time appointment scheduling software?

The people and the solution! First of all, we love what we do and are proud of our solution. We really enjoy helping businesses grow by using the Internet to reach new customers while freeing up time for other important business considerations.

We host our solution on a secure and reliable network where nearly half of the Fortune 100 companies are hosted.

With an extensive support/helpdesk system and live humans to communicate with, we provide all the support you could hope for. As stated, being of service is what motivates us. You may seldom need help, but when you do, we’re waiting to assist.