Transform Your Online Booking Using Appointment Scheduling Software

Once a business starts to grow, the needs of the customers start to increase, and it gets overwhelming to manage the team schedules and appointments. If you run a business that schedules client appointments, you certain need tools that increase productivity and are easy to integrate with your present workflow.

In simple terms, all you need is flexible, reliable, cost-effective, and an all-in-one appointment booking software.

As every business is unique in its own way, you need to pick online scheduling software that caters to your requirements, and scales. Let us now have a look at how you can use appointment scheduling software to transform your online bookings. Remember that doing it the right way is the key to success.


It does sound simple, doesn’t it? However, it is the most important step you need to take before you pick online scheduling software for your business. Start by making the list of essential features you are looking for, and compare the best available options. Make sure to read the testimonials of others who have used the software before making the pick.

Try it out

Most online appointment scheduling software offers a trial version of their software so you can test the product before you commit financially. You can try out the features and the available tools for free to check if it meets your requirement or not.

This helps especially when you have confusion picking between two softwares. Just try them both, compare and narrow down the options.

Try it out

After you have made your pick, it is time you set up the appointment scheduling software for your business. You can seamlessly integrate it into your existing portal, and customize the features and the dashboard for branding.

Setup schedules – who and where

Once the appointment scheduling software is set up, you need to build on the schedules, who to schedule the appointments with and where these appointments will happen. Are you going to meet your clients at the office, or are you planning to use the tool to schedule remote appointments?

Client appointments should easily be scheduled from the website itself, allowing a hassle-free experience for your staff and clients. If you are planning to use it for interviews or meetings, you can create a separate page online for internal scheduling as well.

Keep your business details updated

Whether you use the appointment scheduling software with your website or any other portal, make sure to add all your business details. This is important as customers get to see your business details, contact numbers, and hours of operation, and this, in turn, helps them build trust in your brand.

Make sure you re-check the details once entered as mistakes or typos not only create confusion but can cause distrust. If the customers need to visit you at your location, make sure you add the accurate location along with a map.

The timings

Once you start using an online appointment scheduling tool, you are in charge of your schedules. You can use the tool to update clients about the available hours and can block out the times when you have other commitments.

Most of the online scheduling softwares like Click4Time includes calendar integrations, making it easy to integrate your schedule with Google Calendar. You can even create break times between meetings, and stay updated about cancellations or no shows.

Include time zones

This is an important feature that comes in quite handy if you cater to clients across timezones. The appointment scheduling software needs to have the feature of “time zone detection” so that the meetings are attended at the right time.

Such an option reduces the chances of missed meetings due to confusion of time zones, and businesses can easily schedule meetings globally with just a click.


Time is money for any business, and a no-show wastes both your time as well as resources. Such last-minute cancellations can be reduced or completely avoided with the use of automated reminders via email and SMS.
The automated reminder via SMS has a high open rate, and your clients or customers will no longer miss an appointment. Most of the scheduling softwares also include an option to reschedule or cancel an appointment beforehand, giving you ample time to plan and make changes.

Do not ignore branding

Your online presence is the face of your brand, and you need to focus on it even when using an online appointment scheduling software. Make sure to add your brands’ logo, and make necessary changes to the design of the scheduling page to highlight your brand.

Businesses can also integrate online scheduling software with various business applications and sales and marketing tools. So, you can have your marketing team work on it to get the best result.

Test and Share

Before you completely embed the software into your website and share it with your clients, you certainly need to test it internally. You can start by creating a test appointment as a client would and check if all the features and tools are working fine. Once you are sure and satisfied, go ahead and embed the same to your website or CMS.
You can then share your booking calendar with your clients, and start delivering value service and grow your business. The same can be featured on your website, in the SMS you share, your email campaigns, and even on your social media channels. Once done, just sit back and see the magic happen.


The right appointment scheduling software can do wonders for your business. Be it internal meetings, customer appointments, or accepting payments online, you will be amazed to see so to how it can all be managed with just one click. Reduce the headcount, and efforts, and choose a reliable and cost-effective appointment scheduling software and transform your online business in no time.