Video Conferencing (Telehealth) Setup Guide

More and more businesses are expanding their their offerings of online services alongside in-person visits. Click4Time’s Secure Video Conferencing feature provides an integrated communications tool to seamlessly enable online conferencing between you and your clients.

Tip: It’s important to check in with your college or regulatory body to confirm any restrictions on the use of Video Conferencing (Telehealth) services.

These instructions will help you:

Activate the Video Conferencing service

Tip: You must have Owner permission to activate Video Conferencing.

To activate video conferencing, go to Setting > Configuration > Video Conferencing. By activating the feature, you will now be able to create 2 types of services, In-Person and Video.

After activating the feature, you can review the Consent Statement in the “Settings” side panel. This statement will be displayed to clients just prior to initiating the session. Clients must agree in order for the video conference to start.

If you need to add to the statement, we suggest adding those to the default statement, since it highlights important basic considerations that should always be disclosed.

videoconferencing settings

Create Video Conferencing Services

Once Video Conferencing is activated, you can start creating Video services.

Tip: You must have Owner or Admin permissions to create services.

Go to Settings > Services, then select the “Add a Service” button and choose “Video Conferencing Service”. The process is the same for creating In-Person or Video services.

add service menu

Complete the service setup wizard including:

  • Service Name
  • Description
  • Public or Private (Public services are bookable online by clients. Private services are only bookable from your internal business calendar.
  • Assign the service to the appropriate Service Providers (Who offers this service?)
  • Set the appointment Duration and Cleanup Time (Cleanup adds time after a booking to prepare for the next appointment).
  • Set a Service Fee, Taxes and Pre-Payment considerations (In order to process online pre-payments, you will need to add a PayPal account in the Finance > Settings page.

Video services are distinguished by a camera icon in the Services list, Booking Calendar, Invoices/Receipts and the client My Appointments page.

settings menu

Review Confirmation Email Template Wording

There are 2 email notification templates specific to Video Conference services. You can review the wording and adjust it as needed.

Go to Settings > Notifications > Email Templates, were you will find the following templates:

  • Video Conference Appointment Confirmed – Sent to the client when a video service is booked.
  • Video Conference Appointment Starting Soon – Sent to the client 1 hour prior to the video session starting. Note: This email is in addition to your general reminder email that may be sent 48 hours prior to any appointment.

edit email templates

Book a Video Conferencing Appointment

From your company calendar, select a time slot to create an appointment.
Select or create a client profile. Note: A client email address is required to book a Video Conference session. When adding a new client, we will automatically create an online profile where the client can access their appointments and join the video conference.

Choose the Video service and the Service Provider. Then Save the booking.

Your client will receive the Video Conference Confirmation email.

book a video appointment

Start the Video Session

Tip: We recommend using a laptop or desktop browser (Chrome or Firefox preferable) for the best experience, especially if you intend to work with eCharting or other application while video conferencing. The wider display will allow for you to split your screen, half for the video and half for note taking.  Check out our Video Conferencing FAQ & Troubleshooting Tips for more details.

The video session will become active 30 minutes prior the appointment start time, allowing you to open the conferencing connection. This 30 minute window applies to the client and the service provider. Prior to the 30 minute activation window, the Start button will be inactive.

start video session

When starting the session, the video window will open in a new browser tab.

The video window has only 2 controls:

  • Microphone Mute – On/Off options
  •  End Call


If you or your client are having trouble starting a video conference or experiencing poor quality video, check out this troubleshooting guide for the most common causes and fixes.