Our Online Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software has helped thousands of business owners just like you. Some of the benefits include saving countless hours of tedious appointment and billing administration, improved client satisfaction & retention and business growth.  Here are a few of our favorite comments.

Our Clinic has been using another online scheduling service for 7 years. Click4Time made the transition quick and painless. The difference is night and day! Full featured, yet simple to use, I am ecstatic to share the quality and reliability of Click4Time’s service to all of our clients! Their feedback has been fantastic! I highly recommend Click4Time to other Clinic owners
Sandra Strangman, Clinic Owner, Body Balance Therapy ☛
We don’t have to play phone tag anymore, we don’t have to send e-mails back-and-forth, it saves time and it just makes the whole booking much more flexible for clients and for myself.
Sony Baron, Clinical Counsellor, Baron Counselling ☛
One more moment of gratitude here that we switched to Click4Time and left our previous system in the dust! We especially appreciate the fantastic communication. We really are so grateful for Click4Time and all of the support from your team. It’s been a fantastic experience.
Leslie Morris, Office Manager, Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio, Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio ☛
I’m so impressed with Click4Time’s system that I’m now using it for all 4 of my businesses. My clients really appreciate being able to make appointments when it’s convenient for them, and I love that I’m spending virtually no time managing bookings. Click4Time also has amazing support. They really take the time to listen and address my business needs. I highly recommend Click4Time and already have to several of my colleagues.
Susan Hopkirk, Business Owner, Susan's House and Pet Sitting ☛
Your team continues to impress me. Most incredible customer service I’ve come across. Thank you!
Loni Horsley, Clinic Owner, Alive and Well Massage Therapy Clinic ☛
We’ve tried many other booking systems and one of the key factors we stay with Click4Time is their superb customer support.
Amanda Diep, Spa Owner, Exige Medi Spa ☛
I can say that many first time customers book my services straight from your platform without ever contacting me. Often the comment is – ‘that was so easy I love your online booking feature.’ So thanks – you are definitely saving me time there!
Peter Agnew, Clinic Owner, Why Knot Massage ☛
Click4Time is a game changer for me. It will save me HOURS of texting/scheduling communication AND more importantly keep my chaotic workload within manageable constraints, I already feel healthier. I can’t wait to explore the billing and charting features, but one step at a time. I can’t thank you guys enough for creating such a multi-faceted, sophisticated system that’s easy to use and has a very slick appearance.

Fabulous job all around, my hat’s off to you. I am looking forward to meeting you both the next time I find myself in Vancouver. Keep doing what you’re doing, it is truly amazing !!!

I love the Online Intake Forms! Clients say it is easy, quick and convenience to complete the intake form online. I find the online intake form has multiple benefits, like viewing the form before the client arrives, having digital access instead of paper files, ability to create new targeted technique forms without printing costs. It decreases the interview time and shows clients I took time reviewing their form. The first time I viewed the completed form, it was seamless.
MaryAnne Palumbo, Clinic Owner, Calm Relief ☛
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