Looking for a Full Slate Alternative?

Click4Time’s Booking Solution has Even More Features and is
Attractively Priced.

Looking for a Full Slate alternative, Click4Time is the easiest solution to convert too

• No charge to import your Full Slate client data to Click4Time

•No charge for a personal setup specialist

Appointment Scheduling Software with Electronic Charting, SOAP Notes, Prepayments and Electronic Forms

All the tools you need to manage your time and grow your business

Appointment Scheduling
Invoicing and Reports
Charting & SOAP Notes
Electronic Client Notes
Audit Trail on All Data
Custom Intake Forms
Marketing Tools
Mobile Apps

Click4Time is an award winning, feature rich, enterprise level booking system focused on
optimizing and automating the management of your service business.

15 Day Free Trial

No Credit Card Needed

Key Features

Robust Booking Calendar with Invoicing and Financial Reports

Packed with tools to help save you time and money.

Electronic charting, client and SOAP notes for tracking client and patient progress and inatke forms

Electronic Charting and SOAP Notes for Health and Wellness Providers

If you are a health care provider, secure, flexible online charting is a must these days.
With electronic charting and SOAP notes, you can efficiently collect, manage and search patient treatment information and track your patient’s progress.

Similar to and Just like BookFresh clinic management online patient charting with intake forms for desktop and mobile

Extensive Audit Trails on Client and Financial Data

We understand how important it is to track changes to personal client information or transactions on an invoice. To help protect the integrity of your data, we provide audit trails on who changed what and when.

Extensive audit trail for tracking changes within the system including financial data

Custom Intake Forms

Create online intake forms with unlimited fields, including multi-select, checkboxes, dropdowns and text boxes to securely collect your patient’s health history or to create an expanded database of client information.

Similar to BookFresh, Click4Time is an Online clinic management with Scheduling and Appointment Booking, intake forms and client notes program for desktop, mobile phones and tablets

Flexible Service Settings to Cover All Your Business Needs

Whether you need a gap between appointments or require a prepayment to confirm a booking, we have you covered.

clinic management booking software with intake forms and soap notes, appointment booking and scheduling

Our Clients Rave About our Incredible Live Customer Support

We understand the importance of speaking to a person when you have a question, we’re always here to help.

alternative to bookfresh client marketing tools for building loyalty

Increase Your Referrals!

Our appointment booking system has an integrated referral builder function to help increase your referrals, you can even offer and track commissions. – Exchange clients with synergistic businesses and increase referrals.

online appointment booking referral system to help increase referrals and grow your business

Even More Features
Here are a few more Key Features.  In total, our system offers more than 200 options.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

Robust scheduling to handle irregular hours, seasonal schedules, recurring breaks

Unlimited custom booking fields allow you to collect specific information from your clients

Dozens of financial and statistical reports

Responsive design that adapts to fit all modern screen sizes, as well as mobile Apps for Android and iOS devices

Associate Referral Network Builder to help grow your business. Allows synergistic businesses to book their clients directly into your calendar

Marketing tools such as client testimonials, email marketing integration and gift certificates

Our unique Bump feature cancels bookings and notifies clients automatically if an emergency schedule change occurs

Automated email and text message notifications to clients and staff

Customizable email notification templates

HIPAA and PIPEDA compliance settings

Optional social sharing links and Twitter auto cancellation tweets to followers

Extensive business rules to control when and who can book online

Permission levels to control user access to settings and data

SSL Encryption, redundant system and data backups, ensure your calendar is always available and clients’ information is safe

Affordably Priced for Any Sized Business

15 Day Free Trial Including Unlimited Bookings and Support


  • Appointment Booking
  • Mobile Access
  • Invoicing System
  • Electronic Charting*
  • Electronic Client Notes*
  • Marketing Tools
  • Audit Trail on All Data
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Email/SMS/Mobile Notifications*
  • Unlimited Support
  • Unlimited Appointments

One Staff

  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎

Two Staff

  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎

More than 2 Staff*

$3995Plus Additional Staff Fee*
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎
  • ✔︎

*Staff Fee based on the number of Service Providers and Resources.

*More than 2  Staff, add $3.00 per month for each additional Staff.

*$12.95 per Active Staff using e-Charting. Price discount for more than 20 Staff.

**$4.95 per Intake Form Template. Unlimited form submissions.

Client Notifications
*No charge for Email or Mobile Device Notifications.
*$0.10 per SMS Notification (optional).

**All fees are in $USD plus applicable taxes. Canadian businesses are billed in $CAD.

15 Day Free Trial

No Credit Card Needed


Other Benefits
Click4Time discounts are available from the following associations or companies.

The BC Association of Clinical Counsellors is a society of regulated Clinical Counsellors dedicated to providing the highest standard of professional counselling, consulting, assessment, testing and training services.BC Association of Clinical Counsellors

The BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC) was incorporated in 1988 with the principal goal of regulating the professional practice of Clinical Counsellors in the province of British Columbia. Today, the BCACC represents over 3,000 Registered Clinical Counsellors throughout BC.

The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association is a national bilingual association of professionally trained counsellors engaged in the helping professions.Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association

The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association is a national bilingual association of professionally trained counsellors engaged in the helping professions. CCPA’s approximately 5300 members work in many diverse fields of education, employment and career development, social work, business, industry, mental health, public service agencies, government and private practice.

Massage Magazine Insurance Plus is the leading national insurance provider for massage therapists in the United States.MASSAGE Magazine Insurance Plus

Massage Magazine Insurance Plus is the leading national insurance provider for massage therapists—offering much more than just complete liability coverage at competitive rates. We offer practice support and peace of mind to our members, who know their careers and assets are covered should the unfortunate should occur.

Massage Magazine & Home CEU.MASSAGE Magazine Home CEU

MASSAGE Magazine has teamed up with Home CEU Connection to offer you affordable, accessible online massage CEUs. Explore our diverse 200+ video library and find everything you need to fulfill your annual online CE requirements, stay inspired and competitive in your profession, and provide state-of the art massage therapy for only $29.95 per year.


Simply put, TheGiftCardCafe team believe that online commerce should be easy and that all businesses can benefit from the power of the web. TheGiftCardCafe.com allows business owners to start selling gift cards or instant gift certificates online without development cost. If you can add a link to your website then you can start selling online today!


HealthChoicesFirst is a web and video based health information platform centered around a directory of Canadian health professionals seeking greater visibility for their practice.  The website is accessed by people with health concerns that want to search for practitioners that are best suited and closest to them.


BYKA GroupBYKA Group

BYKA is about change. Changing the way charity works with the intent to stop the endless cycle of campaigning for funds. BYKA is about action. BYKA provides senior professional services spanning Banking, IT, Waste, Food, Construction, Manufacturing, Forestry, GIS, Education, and many other areas that support projects in difficult situations such as communications, power, and aquaculture in order to support the setting up of sustainable businesses that directly support local NGO’s and the community.