Electronic Charting

Paper charting is so yesterday. Make the switch to benefit in so many ways.


All your client’s charts and notes in a secure place

Save Time and Effort

Digital charting and session notes will save you time and effort in so many ways.

  • Effortlessly search through all charts in a client’s history. You can search by date range, keyword or chart status.
  • Export a single or all charts in a client’s file.
  • Duplicate a previous chart with a single click to cut down on your data entry time.

Charting Your Way

You will want to ditch your old paper ways when you see just how easy it is to chart digitally.

  • Create custom charting templates and share those with other practitioners¬† across your practice.
  • You can type, dictate or handwrite notes into a chart. Even upload images and mark on them.
  • Chart anywhere you have internet on a desktop, laptop or tablet device.


You have control over who can access charts & notes.

  • Permissions limit who can see or edit client charts.
  • Assign access to only those who legitimately need to view files.
  • Audit trails relay important details about who edited an entry and when.

Switching from Another Platform?

We offer a practice management software solution that’s designed to meet your unique needs, and our team is here to help you make the switch.