Plan Efficient Interviews with a Superpower Called Self-Scheduling

Every business, be it an established one or a startup cannot operate to its full potential without a reliable and efficient appointment scheduling system. While a few companies have the budget required to hire an assistant, others prefer using appointment scheduling software. However, the trick of the trade lies in choosing the best appointment scheduling software available.

Companies have seen a huge surge in the candidates applying for jobs, and picking the right person from the available talent pool can be quite challenging. During these times of pandemic, scheduling an interview can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and might not always provide you with the best results. Even the job seekers today do not prefer a tiring or an outdated hiring process.

A negative interview experience not only sends a wrong message about the employer’s work environment but can even change the mind of the job seeker. The process of the interview can be made seamless with the use of scheduling software, and the feature called self-scheduling.

Let us know have a look at the five ways scheduling software can make the interview process efficient.

Improve the experience of the candidate

By given an option to self-schedule the interview, the candidate can choose the right time based on his/her availability. Though the process becomes seamless, most employers are worried about the job seeker having control over the interview.

Employers can make use of appointment scheduling software and let the candidates know the interview slots they can choose from. This reduces any gaps or miscommunications, and the whole process remains structured and smooth.

The faster and smoother your interview process is, the higher are the chances for the right hire. Candidates too respect an employer who gives preference to the job seekers.

Reduces the time involved in back and forth

When the HR schedules an interview, he/she is required to make many phone calls, or send several emails. This was deemed necessary as the job seekers had to be available based on the calendar of the hiring manager.

It is quite common for job seekers to have questions about the interview process, the job role, or about the rescheduling of the interview. All of this can be quite time consuming but can be avoided with the help of a self-scheduling process.

With the help of appointment scheduling software, candidates can reschedule their interviews and are reminded from time to time about the date and time via automated reminders. This reduces the needed to follow up with each candidate manually.

The use of scheduling software also minimizes the no-shows and provides the hiring manager with free time, which in turn can be utilized for tasks of higher value.

Reduce errors

Human errors can occur anytime and can be committed by anyone. However, the same can be reduced with the use of automated scheduling softwares. With the use of self-scheduling, some of the common errors like duplicated time slots, interview overlapping, forgetting to schedule an interview can be avoided.

As the candidates get to schedule their own interviews, they are the ones responsible for the time slot chosen by them. The hiring team can thus work towards planning a smooth interview process.

The recruitment process speeds up

The feature of self-scheduling not only saves the time of the candidates but provides ample time for the hiring manager to hire candidates faster. Hiring managers can also make use of collective scheduling to improve the overall interview process.

Automatic reports

With the use of online appointment scheduling software, hiring managers can be well aware of their present and future schedules, and can view how the hiring team is performing during the recruiting process.

By analyzing the common time chosen by the candidates, the hiring department can have an insight on the best time to interview; understand the conversion, and more.

Scheduling softwares can be used in various departments, and the role they play is not just confined to the recruitment process. Most of the scheduling softwares are cloud-based and are quite easy to use and integrate. Some of the common features of the same are,

Some of the key features of online appointment scheduling software are,

  • Easy to assign a member or a note or even a service to every appointment
  • Employees can easily manage their very own calendars
  • Reminders can be sent to staff and job seekers via email or SMS
  • Can be accessed via smartphone or browser
  • Interviews or appointments can be scheduled with different customers at the same time
  • Can be seamlessly integrated with Facebook, Slack, and other social media platforms
  • Easy to sync with Office 365, Outlook, and Google
  • An option to view the schedules of the employees across various locations
  • Easily track customer history, including notes


Well-planned interviews help the employer hire the right person fit for the job. Make use of scheduling software to save time and utilize the resources smartly. Whatever appointment schedule software you choose, make sure to start with the free plan and upgrade when you are convinced with the features being offered. Make sure you only settle with appointment scheduling software that works wonders for you and your clients or job seekers.