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How to Add an Online Conferencing Link to Your Client Reminder Email

If you offer online conferencing services incorporating a video platform such as Zoom, be sure to check out our article about security considerations. Below are instructions that will help streamline to process between Click4Time and your conferencing system. For this article we will be using Zoom as an example, but the process would be similar for any video conferencing system.

Essentially you will be modifying your Client Reminder email to include the video conference link by repurposing an existing client data field.

  1. Edit the Reminder Client email template
  2. Schedule your video conference to generate a session link
  3. Open the existing appointment from your Click4Time calendar
  4. Edit the Client record
  5. Paste the video conference link into the “Skype Username” field
  6. Save Client record then the appointment

Edit the Reminder – Client email template

Go to Settings > Notifications > Email Templates to edit the “Reminder – Client” template.

In the email template you will want to add text, something along the lines of (you can copy this text to past into your template):

Online Conference Link and Password (if applicable):

The most important part of this text is the “CUSTOMER_SKYPE_USERNAME“. This is the data field from the client record that will be dynamically inserted into the reminder email. Be sure to save the template.

Schedule the video conference (Zoom in this case)

Open zoom and choose “Schedule”. Be sure to set the Start and End time to match the Click4Time appointment.

Copy the Meeting Link and Password, which you will be pasting into the Client’s “Skype Username” field next.

Edit appointment to add video link to client record

From your Click4Time calendar, open the corresponding appointment and choose the “Edit” button below the client name.

In the client record, paste the conference link into the “Skype Username” field.  Note: You do not need to include the Meeting ID, only the link and the Password. In fact the field will not allow as many characters.

Save the updated client record, then save the appointment.


When the client reminder is sent, the email will now include the additional text and add in the “Skype Username” data, in this case the video link.

Other Considerations

  • The reminder email template will apply to all clients regardless of whether the appointment is an online conference or not.
  • If a client record does not have any data in the “Skype Username” field, then the reminder template will display a blank space where the “CUSTOMER_SKYPE_USERNAME” variable is.
  • It’s a good idea to delete the video link in the “Skype Username” field of the client’s record immediately after the appointment just to reduce the chance of an old link being sent in a future reminder.