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PayPal Upgrade

For those businesses collecting pre-payments for bookings, we’ve upgraded the PayPal integration. The previous integration relied on PayPal notifying Click4Time once a payment was completed. The new logic allows Click4Time to continuously query PayPal’s logs to ensure greater accuracy of payment confirmations.

No Show Policy

Each business has their own No Show Policy including associated fees. We’ve added an option in Finance / Settings / Invoice Configuration that will determine how the fee for a No Show appointment is recorded in invoices and reports.

Updated Marketing & Settings Screens

We’re updating the system’s look and feel by utilizing Bootstrap, a popular website framework. Bootstrap is “responsive”, meaning it automatically adjusts the format of the display to best fit the screen size being used. Over the upcoming months, we will continue to upgrade all screens to Bootstrap, giving Click4Time a fresh, modern interface as well as additional functionality inherent to the more dynamic platform. One of the major benefits of this update is the ability to display additional instruction related to the multitude of settings in the system.


Convert Guest Bookers to Registered Users

We have updated the layout and wording of the client booking screen to entice clients to become registered online users. The benefits of being a registered user include:

  • Clients are not required to enter their personal information each time they book
  • Clients are able to change and cancel their own appointments
  • Clients can submit testimonials for past appointments
  • Clients can print their own receipts for past appointments

Client Calendar Navigation

We’ve made some improvements to the client calendar navigation, including:

  • Clearer buttons to move forward and back by week
  • Currently selected week highlighted in green
  • Calendar color legend

Subscription Payments

If your business is such that the monthly subscription fee to Click4Time is to be charged to a credit card that is not associated with the Owner / Manager listed in the Settings / Basic tab, you can now add those credit card details in the “Company Account” page.

Auto Focus Client Search

This is a small but meaningful enhancement to your company calendar booking screen. When booking an appointment, the client search field is automatically selected so you can immediately begin typing a client’s name or email address. We’re saving you taps and clicks anywhere we can.

Training Videos

In our ongoing effort to give you tools to make the most of Click4Time, we have been producing a series of training videos covering the most popular topics we get questions about. These videos are listed in your Dashboard / Training Videos Library section. We suggest subscribing to our YouTube channel to be notified of updates and new videos.