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You’ll love our recent improvements

Improved Login Security

With the growing threat and persistence of hackers, combined with an increased amount of client information being collected, we have taken steps to increase the security of client data.

  • Increased login password criteria to require at least 1 CAPITOL letter, 1 lower case letter, 1 number, with a minimum of 8 characters.
  • If an incorrect password is submitted more than 5 times, a reCAPTCHA will display forcing the user to prove they are human.
  • We have also improved the client registration flow to reduce confusion.

Updated Service Provider and Resource Settings Screens

We continue to update the system’s look and feel by utilizing Bootstrap, a popular website framework. Bootstrap is “responsive”, meaning it automatically adjusts the format of the display to best fit the screen size being used. Over the upcoming months, we will continue to upgrade all screens to Bootstrap, giving Click4Time a fresh, modern interface as well as additional functionality inherent to the more dynamic platform. One of the major benefits of this update is the ability to display additional instruction related to the multitude of settings in the system.

practioner settings - booking software for chiropractors, counselors and massage therapists

Updated Clients Information Screens

These pages are now Bootstrapped as well. Beyond the new look, we have added an Audit Trail section. This allows you and staff to keep track of who made changes to the client record and when. Much like the audit trail in the appointment details screen. As part of the update, the “Search” appointments page has been moved to its own tab to the left of Clients.

client record audit trail

Audit Trail

You can now track if an appointment Cancelation email to the client was suppressed. This comes in handy when tracking down email concerns from clients who claim not to have received the cancelation email. The name of the user and time of the suppression will be listed in the Audit Trail. Owners and Administrators can access the Audit Trail of canceled appointments by accessing the Reports tab and choosing the Company – Restricted folder then the Sales Report – Appointment Summary and set the Appt. Status to “Canceled Appointments”.

appointment management with invoicing and reporting

Invoice Notes

We’ve added a Notes section to the Invoice/Receipt where you can include additional details to be displayed to clients and staff.

invoicing and receipts with online booking

Cancelation Policy Warning

If your business has setup a Minimum Cancelation Window and a client attempts to book beyond that period, the system will display a warning to advise that they will not be able to cancel the booking without contacting to the business directly. The Minimum Cancelation Window setting is in Settings / Configuration / Advanced / Client Booking Limits.


Improved Reminder Notification Logic

We continuously monitor notification email delivery statistics to ensure that notifications are reaching your clients. As we grow, so do the demands on our notification system. We have recently optimized how the reminders get queued in an effort to maintain deliverability success.

Reports – We have added 2 new reports and updated another

  • Client Details– An export of your client list details. You can choose to export the details of a single, multiple or all clients in your client database. The details include:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Mobile
  • Skype
  • Birthday
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Country
  • Province
  • City
  • Postal
  • Referred By
  • How Found
  • Notes
  • Client – Appointment Summary – This is an ideal report to supply to clients requesting a list of appointments for a specific period. The report is a list of appointments including Service, Duration, Service Provider name and License number if applicable, fee and payment type as well as your business address.

appointment summary report

  • Service Hours by Service Provider – When tracking Service hours by Service Provider, you can now choose to include or omit the prep and cleanup times.

staff sales and schedule reporting

Spanish Language Support

We’re growing! We recently introduced our service to Mexico and to support those users have released the Spanish version of our desktop and mobile apps. You can view the system in Spanish using the language pull down in the upper right corner of the dashboard.

Video – Changing your Service Fees

Changing service fees is a certainty for most businesses. We’ve made it really easy to setup fees that take effect at a future date. Watch our video on how to set future pricing.