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Do you love reports?

New Reports. We are continuously adding new reports to help you manage your business. Here are three additions:

  1. Business Stats – This report provides information about booking trends for a selected period, including:
    • number of new clients added by the Company (Regular Clients)
    • number of new clients added through online booking (Online Clients)
    • number of appointment booked by the Company (Company Booked)
    • number of appointment booked by registered Clients (Client Booked)
    • number of appointment booked by non registered clients (Guest Booked)
    • number of appointment booked by Associates (Associate Booked)


  2. Client Last Visit Report – If you intend to market to clients who have not booked in several months, this is the report for you. You can search up to a 12 month period and export the client name, email and phone number to be used in an email or phone marketing campaign.
  3. Audit Trail Report – You can now access the Audit Trail of canceled appointments by generating a Sales Report – Appointment Summary by selecting “Canceled Appointments” in the report options and clicking on the appointment date in the report details.

Time Off / Personal Appointments

You can now quickly block time off or book a personal appointment directly from your company calendar. For example, you may need to book an hour off work for an appointment with your dentist. To do so, by clicking on a time in your calendar, the Add Appointment screen will display a “Time Off” option in the side menu. Choose Time Off to set the duration, assign a Service Provider and add any related notes. If you use the Repeat Appointment option, the Time Off Notes will be repeated for each time off appointment. Such time off appointments will not be visible to your online clients.

The Time Off option is available to all Service Providers by default. The display color can be chosen in Settings / Services.

Each Time Off will be counted as an appointment for billing purposes, which will affect single Service Provider companies who normally book less than 100 appointments per month. If this is a concern, continue using the Scheduling functionality found in the Service Provider settings tab to manage time off.

Video – Managing Notifications

We often get questions about the notifications that are sent to clients and staff. This video covers all aspects of the email and sms notifications features. Learn to personalize email template wording, how to set up reminders prior to appointments and control individual service provider’s notifications preferences. Make sure to take advantage of all the available features.