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Several new charting features and other great additions

Client Booking Screens

We have started basic testing of the newly designed client booking screens. The team is working feverishly to release this major improvement before the end of the year. Here’s a little taste of the new look.

Electronic Intake Forms

Electronic Intake Forms are a major timesaver for businesses that require the collection of information beyond the basic client data collected at the time of booking. Electronic forms can be used for a variety of intake needs, such as a Patient Health History, New Client Intake Form, Application Form, Service Request Form or Satisfaction Questionnaire, to name a few. Electronic Intake Forms will allow you to:

  • Create any number of intake form templates assignable to specific services and/or service providers with a variety of input field types
  • Send a form directly to clients to complete prior to their visit
  • Mark-up and draw on anatomical diagrams or images
  • Quickly search, print and download forms

Intake Forms are an optional feature of the system. To enable Intake Forms go to Settings / Configuration / Intake Forms. Only users with “Owner” permission may enable and manage forms.

Check out this training video for more information.

Ordering of e-Chart Templates

Each Service Provider can create their own series of charting templates from within their profile under Settings / Service Providers. For those who have several templates to cover different modalities or scenarios, you can now arrange those templates in your own logical order using the Up/Down arrows.


Chart Drawing Tools

Several new drawing tools have been added to the e-Charting Markup Diagram & Sketch section. The expanded toolbox now includes:

  • Straight Lines
  • Curved Lines
  • Straight Arrows
  • Curved Arrows

electronic charting anatomincal image markup tools

Chart Default Images

We have expanded the list of default images available in the e-Charting Markup Diagram & Sketch section. The new images include:

  • Ankles – Anterior
  • Ankles – Posterior
  • Hands – Anterior
  • Hands – Posterior
  • Head – Anterior
  • Head – Left
  • Head – Right
  • Shoulders – Anterior
  • Shoulders – Lateral
  • Shoulders – Posterior
  • Graph Page
  • Blank Page

Client Birthday Report

For those businesses looking to target an email, phone or mail campaign to a client segment by age or birthday, we’ve added a new report that allows you to export a list of those clients including:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Birthday
  • Email
  • Primary Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Address
  • City
  • Province
  • Country
  • Postal/Zip

Check out this video on how to use MailChimp Email Marketing.

Client Search

When searching for clients from your “Clients” tab, you can now find people by Zip/Postal Code and Birth Date.