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Repeat Appointments

We have updated the layout for booking Repeat Appointments from your company calendar and added more options. For example, you could book an appointment every Monday at 9:00 am for 6 weeks plus 2 additional follow-up appointments at later dates.  The Additional Appointment option is new.

online booking with flexible repeat appointment options

Client Last Visit Report

The addition of a filter that allows you to extract a list of clients that haven’t visited a particular Service Provider or Resource within a specified period.   This list will come in handy when creating a targeted email campaign, possibly a newsletter or special offer to clients who haven’t visited in a while.  Check out our “Email Marketing with MailChimp” training videos for a simple walkthrough on how to sync your client emails and create a segmented campaign.

appointment booking system feature - client last visit report screen

Search Appointments

Search Appointments is a powerful lookup tool that allows you to quickly search through your database of appointments. There’s a lot of information here, so in an effort to differentiate Cancelled appointments from Non Cancelled appointments, we have changed the font color to red for Cancelled bookings.

booking calendar - search cancelled appointments

Changing Fees

One of the certainties in your business is your fees will change at some future time. We’ve discovered that many of you don’t know we have a neat little feature, well it’s actually a big deal, that allows you to set future fees for your services. If you know today you will be changing your fees 3 months from now, you can set your new fees today, to take effect in 3 months, so that clients making a booking today, will be advised of the price that will be in effect on the date of the appointment. The invoice will also include the new price, saving you the hassle of manual adjustments and uncomfortable conversations about fees increasing without warning. Check out our video library for instructions on how to set future fees.

appointment booking software - future fees

Invoice Signature

Many health insurers have strict guidelines related to the information and format of appointment Invoices/Receipts supplied for claims by patients. One of those requirements is a Service Provider signature as verification that the practitioner completed the service. We have added the ability to create or upload a digital signature for each Service Provider or Resource. Once a signature has been created, the provider can choose to sign an invoice from the appointment details invoice section. To add a signature to your profile, go to Settings / Service Providers / Invoicing. If a Resource requires a signature, go to Settings / Resources / Invoicing.

appointment scheduling massage clinic management software - invoice signature


The display of the License/Registration number on invoices can be turned “Off”. The default setting is “On”, but if this is an invoice for a product or a “no-show”, then you may wish to turn the License/Registration display to “Off”.

online rmt scheduling booking calendar - appointment receipt license number

Invoice Date

For those businesses that sell products, when creating a standalone invoice, meaning an invoice that is not attached to an appointment, you can now adjust the date to cover any transactions that may have been overlooked in the past. This is especially important for those who use Click4Time’s financial reports to reconcile transactions against their office payment systems.

health clinic management booking software appointment invoicing date