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Great news ! New functionality has arrived

Company Account Page

We’ve updated the company account page to a responsive Bootstrap design. This is where owners can view monthly subscription receipts, securely add a credit card to be billed and view the Client Agreement. You can access the “Company Account” page from the link in the upper left banner of any Dashboard screen.

clinic management appointment booking system - account

Copy Services

We’re all about helping you do more in fewer steps. To that end, we have added an option to duplicate services. From the Settings / Services page, the “Copy” option creates a duplicate service including all its settings, giving you a head start when creating a large list of services. Now, if you wanted to create a series of services with only one or two differences like duration or name, you could copy an existing service and edit the name and duration. Once saved you’ll have created a slightly different version of the original service. Do be sure to review all settings for the new service though. You’ll want to be sure that you haven’t missed any options that may cause the service to act unexpectedly.

appointment scheduling massage booking calendar - copy service

Invoices & Billing Section

All invoices/receipts can now be accessed from 3 areas
1. From a client’s profile in the Clients tab select the Billing section.
2. From the Finance / Invoices tab, you can search by client name and date range.
3. A client’s invoices/receipts can also be accessed from any appointment. Select the appointment and then open the Billing section.
From any of these Invoice screens, you can then print, save as PDF or email multiple invoices.

appointment scheduling health clinic practice management software with invoicing - client billing

No Show Log

Search Appointments now has even more detail for tracking client appointment history. When an appointment is marked as a No Show, there is a note added to the client’s Notes section and to the Appointment Notes section. The Appointment Notes are visible in the Search Appointments list, making it easy to sort which appointments a client didn’t show up for.

online appointment scheduling with clinic notes for counsellors - search appointments no shows

Client Email Status

Clients can opt out of email notifications if they wish. In the Appointment Details screen, there are now 2 alerts indicating how the client opted out of emails.

  • Email Notifications Disabled by Staff: Client requested that the business disable Email Notifications from the client’s profile. To reactivate emails, edit the client’s settings from their profile.
  • Client Opted Out of Emails: Client submitted a request to Click4Time to block their email through an Opt Out link in the footer of a notification email. To start receiving emails again, the client will need to log into their Click4Time account, go to the ‘My Account’ page and opt back in. Alternatively, the client can contact Click4Time support for assistance.

appointment scheduling and clinic management reminder emails and text messages - options

Service Provider Reports

To prevent the list of Service Providers from growing to an unmanageable length, you can delete Service Providers that no longer work at your location. When deleting a provider you can now choose whether or not to continue to include that person in the Service Provider list for reporting purposes. Keeping the provider listed in the reports allows you to continue to generate financial and statistical reports related to that staff even though they will no longer be listed in the appointment booking service provider list.

health clinic management and escheduling financial reporting option when managing staff

Video – Gift Certificates

Most of us take pleasure in receiving gift certificates. Your potential new clients likely do as well. If you already sell gift certificates, offering those certificates directly on your site is a no brainer. One of the leaders in online Gift Cards and Instant Gift Certificate sales,, provides a powerful, easy to use, ecommerce system that helps business owners turn their websites into a revenue generator. Check out how we have integrated in this instructional video.  You can also check out more of the awesome features like Special Daily Deals and Online Prepayments.